BC Beans

BC Beans is your connection for super premium cannabis seeds. Over 20 Years experience breeding high THC & CBD Marijuana . We offer you privacy with our global stealth shipping. We are experts in stealth shipping so that our Australian mates down under have access to the best strains.

BC Beans are made to grow in your climate

British Columbia, Canada is the best marijuana breeding grounds in the world. It's rainy climate makes it perfect for cannabis seed production rather than BC buds. BC Beans works hard stabilizing cannabis strains for growing around the world. You'll find Aussie Blues strain that grows great on the Gold Coast.

Our Alaskan strains grow well in cold countries like Switzerland and Russia. Our Waikiki strain loves Hawaii and Californian climates. BC Beans has weed for you all. So click on our shop page to find the perfect BC Beans for you!

BC Beans

High quality herbs

BC Beans is Canada's link for high quality herbal products. Hemp seed is in demand and it's great to stimulate your energy.

Your feedback is important to us

Be sure to contact us with any questions you may have. We also love to hear from our customers, so be sure to let us know what you think about our hemp products and what you need from them. We want to make better products for your needs. So your feedback is very important to our team! You're not alone when you shop at BC Beans.